On-site xAPI and Big Data for Learning Workshop

(Orlando, FL) – On November 7th, 2017 Riptide Software announced that they will be offering a 1 or 2 day xAPI and Big Data for Learning on-site workshop. Nick Washburn, Riptide Software’s Learning Division Director and founding contributor to the xAPI specification, will be speak and present at the workshops. This workshop is for organizations considering xAPI and would like alignment and buy-in between other key stakeholders.

xAPI provides a clear and non-disruptive path to the future for learning and development. Many organizations are adopting xAPI, or in the process of adoption, but have trouble gaining widespread buy-in and educating on the benefits of xAPI. Riptide Software devised this workshop to be a complete solution in getting companies excited about xAPI and it’s benefits.

The workshop is being offered at a price of $3,000 for 1 day, or $5,000 for 2 days. Participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of xAPI, actionable ways it will benefit the organization, and a non-proprietary, customized plan and roadmap from Nick on implementing xAPI for the participating organization.

More information and a link to register can be found at: http://get.riptidesoftware.com/xapi-and-big-data-learning-workshop

Media Contact:

Technology Resources and Riptide’s CEO, Philip Loeffel, are available for interview.

Please contact Christy Puller, 407-542-7675.

About Riptide Software – Learning

The Riptide Learning Division brings the Riptide Elements® product line of learning solutions to the modern enterprise: Storepoints xAPI-Conformant LRS and Waypoints In-line Training Software. Elements is a scalable, and configurable platform of learning solutions that works seamlessly with existing enterprise software systems in a non-disruptive way. All products are also backwards compatible to Legacy systems. Riptide Learning team members are active participants in the community developing xAPI—the standard in modern learner experience tracking.

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