Riptide Welcomes New Team Members in January

Riptide Software Hires New Employees

In January, Riptide Software welcomed 13 new members to the ever-growing ranks. These new employees will be critical components to the Riptide team working on a variety of cutting-edge government and non-government programs.

Below are the projects or locations the employees will be working with:


2 new employees were brought on to Riptide’s HQ and CACCTUS locations. Alex was brought on as a sourcer to assist in hiring new employees, and Darrell was welcomed as a software engineer.


8 new employees were hired in January to assist on the OneSAF project. These include our newest software engineers, and technical writers: Teresa, Todd, Ted, Ricardo, Natalie, Angie, George, and Mark.

CPM Next

For CPM Next, Riptide hired 2 new employees. A new software engineer and SME, Mike and Ernie.

Since the $100 Million contract win, Riptide has been rapidly expanding and sourcing new talent in a variety of areas. Some available positions include: senior software engineer, software engineer, associate software engineer, integration and test engineer. Available positions can be found and applied for by going to:

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